A easy memoir thought generator the usage of GPT-3

I made this memoir thought generator on the present time the usage of GPT-3. Instructed feeble… { « engine »: « davinci », « suggested »: « I would prefer to write a memoir:nIt was a depressed and stormy night. She was standing in a field with a gun on her thigh having a glimpse by binoculars in direction of the valley […]

Web considerations after scraping

Hello reddit! I no longer too prolonged previously was as soon as an idiot and ran a script executing 900+ requests without adding async to it. I am now no longer ready to head onto google or YouTube or any assorted web sites. I believe I was as soon as flagged for too many requests […]

I honest proper learned this. Wow!

Appears to be like to be to be like as if it became once posted at the current time and is DEFINITELY worth a read if you happen to is at chance of be mad about GPT-3 https://medium.com/god-is-a-machine/god-is-a-machine-p1-e9be9c9933d7

What can AI carry out as of late? – written by GPT-3

Hi! GPT-3 used to be requested what can AI carry out as of late? It wrote to me a bit of writing. But in progress, I had to upright its route line since it used to be writing a provoking area about the long escape. In step with GPT-3 predictions AI will homicide humans. I […]

Webscraping automobile Insurance Prices

Hi there every person! Initially, I'm a total newbie to web scraping. My thought used to be to salvage the least costly insurance coverage costs for quite loads of automobiles. So my First step used to be is to salvage a list of the HSN/TSN numbers of every automobile I are desirous to examine. I […]

GPT 3 Understands Meme Culture

This used to be made the employ of ShortlyReads and the suggested used to be « Ugandan Knuckles and the VRchat takeover » Digital actuality has been the subsequent frontier in gaming for a few years. The totally disaster is that nearly all VR video games preserve as a long way-off from actuality as doable, forcing users […]