Conditional Template based totally on Hook or Filter.

Hey, Elementor has the flexibility to Conditionally steal templates based totally on Post Form, Class, Post Identification … Is there a code filter or a hook to love increased alter. Example: If put up has « post_is_special » meta area (acf as an instance) and particular person is logged in then employ template 1. else employ template […]

Header template exhibiting on homepage solely when logged in

Howdy, I used to be as soon as wondering if anybody can serve, my clients web space makes employ of Elementor and I in fact have a header template that displays on every page other than the homepage, if I am logged in o the WordPress admin the header template displays on the homepage.. this […]

Post Template with Elementor free version – What am I missing?

Hiya, hope all americans has a gigantic day. I currently don't gain the capable version of Elementor, and I are desirous to originate a custom-made template for my put up pages. Elementor free version doesn't provide this chance -So I was pondering, why approved don't originate a customary « template », page template -And each time I […]

No header or footer on weblog template created in theme builder.

So I keen created a weblog template utilizing the Theme Builder, yell is that neither my head nor footer are displaying on my weblog posts now.. I even possess made sure that the template is determined to Elementor Cavas (possess additionally tried Elementor full width). I’m now out of tips…. Has someone found a resolution […]

HUG – Template for elementor Free

Good day Neighborhood I currently made a template for elementor that I’d derive to share with you. Preview: Win Free: It is now no longer a mega template of what they promote but for drag it would possibly possibly per chance per chance succor bigger than one and tempo up some work quite. […]

HUG – Elementor Template Free

Hiya Neighborhood I no longer too long within the past made a template for elementor that I’d like to piece with you. Preview: Win Free: It is no longer a mega template of what they sell nonetheless completely it is going to relief extra than one and high-tail up some work rather. I […]

Headers on Templates Inflicting Duplication?

Optimistically someone can particular this up. I in actuality bear a header with a condition to symbolize on all pages. When I create a template for a share, on the template web page the header presentations. Does this mean when I add a template to a web page, the header is duplicated on tale of […]