A Few Hasten Points

Hello! So lightboxes are viewed as url's in my sitemap and they’ve an integrated url that's swish a blank page and it freaks google out. Is there a manner to leer lightboxes as photography or something? Additionally, CTA's with an image; the image isn't viewed when the page is crawled. Nor is the link. Additionally […]

Checkout Web page No longer Exhibiting On Public Situation

I’m the use of Elementor Pro and woocommerce constructing a web page with a subscription essentially essentially based product. When I’m in Edit mode I’m in a position to survey the checkout web page but if I spy at the final public web page it’s some distance smooth. Enact I desire to secure something added […]

elementor presentations comely code

hello guys, i like a shrimp bit an effort with enhancing in elementor. every time i wanna edit some net page, elementor presentations me comely a code of a net page and by no map commence traditional edit net page. does somebody know what to quit, please? thank you very basic for your attend!

The usage of the earn scraper instrument on an auto loading page

I even occupy the Chrome extension from webscraper.io and currently looking to use it to catch some recordsdata on a page that loads more aspects the extra down you scroll. Anyone know to make certain that the page autoloads the next batch of aspects to pickle? Thanks

The system to flip off Page Learn about counter?!?

Good day! I've ethical created a weblog location the use of the elementor templates. The single post page is exhibiting Page Learn about counter and for the lifetime of me, I will be capable to't in discovering a toggle to flip it off. It doesn't demonstrate on the template when I edit the template, totally […]

How can I add Bookly to Elementor ?

Hiya guys, I in actuality beget an Elementor web page and I’d like to add a Bookly block, create you know the strategy I will create that with out destroying my web page visuals (I tried adding Bookly with the default WordPress editing instrument nonetheless it destroyed my visuals) ? Thanks!

Header Being Covered By Component

Hi! Thanks in advance in your attend. On my web page my header is being covered by most piquant one ingredient (Slides with the Pro model) while scrolling. Any of the opposite parts on the procure page stop slack the header. Any realizing how one can repair this? I've tried Googling it without qualified fortune.