Header template exhibiting on homepage solely when logged in

Howdy, I used to be as soon as wondering if anybody can serve, my clients web space makes employ of Elementor and I in fact have a header template that displays on every page other than the homepage, if I am logged in o the WordPress admin the header template displays on the homepage.. this […]

Cannot discover offer of mystery border, and therefore can’t resolve on it

I believe dumb asking this, nonetheless it’s already taken too powerful time and I will’t figure it out. On a area I’m building, I’m getting a easy dusky border exhibiting up between the header and the body. I’ve checked out every imaginable ingredient in each the body and the header that can per chance maintain […]

Headers on Templates Inflicting Duplication?

Optimistically someone can particular this up. I in actuality bear a header with a condition to symbolize on all pages. When I create a template for a share, on the template web page the header presentations. Does this mean when I add a template to a web page, the header is duplicated on tale of […]