Clickable hyperlink for css button

Hi, I've added a custon css button to my feature the usage of the HTML widget. All the pieces has labored just however I would cherish the button to hyperlink by means of to my portfolio web page. I've tried however it isn't working. The HTML code is: PORTFOLIO And the CSS: u/import url(«« ); ​ […]

CSS, Codepen and Elementor

Does someone know why the following CSS animation doesn't work? .btn soar { box-shadow: 0 6px 18px 0 rgba(#000, 0.1); turn out to be: translateY(-6px); } &–transparent { coloration: $main; background-coloration: transparent; } ​ I'm attempting to prepare the 'Change into + Shadow' carry out considered on button 5 I don't desire any of […]