A collection of collectors

A structure evolving each time it gets collected, yet always keeping a trace of anyone who collected it. A keeper of its own history, yet to be written, forever remaining on a blockchain.

Available on @hicetnunc2000

This is a long-lasting interactive experiment in which the roles between collectors and the piece are inverted. The piece was made to « own » the collectors, not the other way around. Once it gets collected, the collector creates a new bone in the structure that is going to remain forever. Even after swapping their token.

What you see in this little trailer is the piece plugged to artworks on the Blockchain. The shape of the actual piece had yet to be defined by what will happen with the piece on the marketplace.

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  1. cool concept. does each collector see the piece as it was the day they collected it? or does everyone’s copy update to reflect the new collectors?

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