Attach pop up exactly below header div (no-plugin mega-menu)

I made a mega menu with elementor pop-up. If you soar on a button within the navigation bar, a pop-up with lots of tabs is proven. I basically like honest load cases, am free to assemble the menu to my liking, but I can't fetch my head spherical one thing.

So here’s the deal. I can region the pop up exactly under the navigation bar by positioning it to high and including a margin that is precisely the head of my header.
On the opposite hand, my navigation bar includes two sections and indubitably one of them is sticky.

When any individual scrolls down the fetch page and opens the mega menu, there's a condominium between the navigation bar and the pop-up.

Is it that you just’re going to be ready to mediate of to region the pop up relative to the establish the navigation bar is. Without needing to work with a static ticket for the margin. here's the hyperlink

Position pop up exactly below header div (no-plugin mega-menu)