Wait on Most neatly-liked For Portfolio/Gallery

Howdy There,

I work in sound gain for film tv and I'm looking out out for to put collectively a web put for a alternate endeavor with a accomplice. We'd fetch to level our portfolio with these parts in every:

  • Image of the movie poster
  • A microscopic image of the client's imprint with a hyperlink to their very hang webpage for the movie
  • A pair of sentences about what we did on the mission
  • When somebody views the portfolio and they click on the poster image or « Scrutinize Trailer » then they’re taken to the Vimeo or YT video trailer.

OK, so… I thought that this regarded a uncomplicated reveal for somebody that must study Elementor esteem me. I former ACF and personalized put up styles to space up the UI so we can with out complications add fresh projects as we full them, however…

I’ve to be selecting the unsuitable reveal someplace because when I click on the image then it treats it as a put up and opens up a web shriek that has been created for every merchandise. I correct want all of the projects to level correctly on a web shriek and they hyperlink to Vimeo when clicked (no longer some put up within my put).

Am I the consume of the unsuitable plugins for this and is it even doable? It looks esteem a extraordinarily easy reveal in my head: shots+phrases+plus off-web shriek hyperlinks which are displayed correctly however I will't realize create it in reveal that we can also also correct consume personalized put up styles in suppose to with out complications add fresh projects in the back end!

Here's the fetch page, no single component is executed yet so please forgive the shiteness of it to this level! https://paradigmpost.co.uk/about/

Any abet is greatly liked,