Pop ups: component no longer engaged on printed internet page.

Howdy all, I do know there’s a customary space with photos no longer working as soon as printed, i've had this in the past nonetheless managed to resolve it nonetheless turning off sluggish load and clearing cache. However i'm having danger with a textual assert material component exhibiting up on a printed pop up.

The textual assert material component is exact shortcode for an ImageMapPro plan, this shortcode works in other places on the web page online and internet page, nonetheless it exact doesn't appear to love being in the pop up. Can't determine if this is an elementor space or a ImageMapPro one.

Hooked up is what it appears love in preview, and what happens as soon as dwell.

Page is right here (no longer carried out so excuse clunky originate): https://votingcounts.org.uk/2021-elections-v2 and the pop up is activated via the behold plan button.

Can any individual supply any advice?


Are dwelling/Published Page

Pop ups: element not working on published page.