Elementor column high discipline

Hi there,

I'm the utilize of elementor to construct a fullscreen menu for my net sites. Within the fullscreen menu there’s :

  • a header (which just isn’t any longer section of the fullscreen menu)
  • a section with a nav menu and an internal section with two columns

I must attach the internal section at the backside of the net page whereas the nav menu stays in the midst of the net page. In elementor, we are able to't space the vertical attach of the internal section state personally from the guardian section. Moreover, I don't understand why the section is corpulent high however the column section isn't, as that it is likely you’ll see right here :

There’s a piece of mistake right here, the first red column (of the principle section) would perhaps well moreover nonetheless consist of the internal section, sorry for the error

I would perhaps well utilize padding or margin on the nav but after I tried it created responsive considerations.

So I'm seing easiest two alternate choices right here : Figuring a mode for the mounted attach no longer to showcase before the cease of the animation or figuring why the column just isn’t any longer corpulent high. (manually space 100vh on the column is breaking the veil)

Any tips ?

Elementor column height issue