A easy memoir thought generator the usage of GPT-3

I made this memoir thought generator on the present time the usage of GPT-3.

Instructed feeble…

    "engine": "davinci",
        "suggested": "I would prefer to write a memoir:nIt was a depressed and stormy night. She was standing in a field with a gun on her thigh having a glimpse by binoculars in direction of the valley below.nIt was a depressed and stormy night. She stood in the field with binoculars, watching out for monsters.na girl named Katja who lives in an apocalyptic world. She is carrying a special storage tool that accommodates a pc virus that would possibly well abolish the robot military.[continue]",
        "maxTokens": 90,
        "temperature": 0.8,
        "topP": 1,
        "presence_penalty": 0.85,
        "frequency_penalty": 0.5,
        "best_of": 1,
        "n": 1,
        "accelerate": fallacious,
        "cease": ["[continue]"]