« Sillynium » – Auto generate working Python Selenium scripts by drawing coloured rectangles spherical internet parts on a page that you truly are attempting to automate

TLDR: 60 sec video right here: https://streamable.com/1y17lt

TLDW: As soon as I are attempting to automate actions on a quandary, such as logins or kinds, or scraping pages with JavaScript, I manually seek each and each internet part I need and open writing a script.

I'm lazy though and had the speculation to automate the advent of these automation/discovering out scripts. And thus « Sillynium » became born.

Sillynium helps you to arrangement boxes across the parts you require on a page and robotically gets the part and its properties for you. Assorted coloured rectangles stammer this plan you like to possess to operate a range of issues. Eg: Red technique « Enter textual stammer », Green technique « Click button ».

Whenever you've performed drawing boxes, a working python selenium script is generated. Whenever you breeze that script, it does precisely what you told it to operate! All this with out you writing any code, and losing time.

Working 60 2d video hyperlink of program in circulate: https://streamable.com/1y17lt

I made this venture over the course of a day as a short and soiled proof of view. Its very flawed in its recent iteration (taking a screenshot of webpage), so V2 I'm attempting to determine strategies to arrangement straight away to the browser. Critique it and rip it to shreds. I'm privy to browser recorders btw so I do know these exist, right here’s my twist on automation