Specify PHP file for File Upload within Elementor Create Widget?


Wondering if this is which that you just would per chance imagine?

I ogle that Elementor permits file uploads within the widget which is gargantuan because in the meanwhile my file upload varieties are created with total html with a post action pointing to the PHP file that handles the uploads after which that uploads them to the CRM accordingly.

I'd in level of truth like it if I could presumably well migrate these into Elementor as that will presumably well assist all the pieces streamline and originate it more uncomplicated for folks to edit in the cease but I don't see anyplace in the ticket alternatives where it could well probably presumably well permit you to dwelling the path to the PHP handler script.

Absolute confidence this has been requested earlier than and a short google search led to a page on the Elementor GH which hasn't been updated for months and it seems to be like it left deal of of us in level of truth puzzled.

If anybody has finished this or is conscious of of a scheme to cease this with out it being excessively refined, I'd like to hear from you.