Scrape the total feedback from a facebook put up?

Hello guys, so me and a pair of mates had been the employ of a facebook put up one amongst us made help in 2012 as a group chat by commenting on it and it currently has 397okay feedback. We desire to set up the total feedback in chronological report in an excel, spss, a database or something as an archive, after which be in a situation to search by keywords, by date etc

I do know A BIT of python, i had been making an are trying to to find online a skill to end it but to no avail. The put up is now now not a command of an initiate facebook page or group, its on one amongst my mates' wall. Its recent visibility settings are 'personalized' but we are able to create it public or whatever is simplest to work with.

Can somebody abet? Its very major that we set it aside since its admire…a bit share of our lives lol