Redirecting customers to URL fetched from a parameter in KickOffLabs API when they put up a make.

On web space, when individual enters the electronic mail and put up. I enjoy an api call to kickofflabs api, and after I come by response from it. This can maintain a discipline named as redirect_url which contains a url and I wish to redirect to that url. How can I attain that?

I've by no system labored with APIs earlier than, what I've tried up to now:

  • I’m able to presumably employ Zapier for this by adding webhooks in make when individual submits their electronic mail nonetheless zapier webhook integration is a top price characteristic which I’m able to't come up with the money for for now.
  • I’m able to add in seek knowledge from parameter and redirect customers to the redirect_url parameter nonetheless the external API isn’t any longer yet built-in on the on-line space.
  • There's additionally a possiblity that I’m able to employ Motion Put up seek knowledge from to come by this on elementor.

Can somebody please manual me about this?