Post Template with Elementor free version – What am I missing?

Hiya, hope all americans has a gigantic day.

I currently don't gain the capable version of Elementor, and I are desirous to originate a custom-made template for my put up pages.

Elementor free version doesn't provide this chance -So I was pondering, why approved don't originate a customary « template », page template -And each time I originate a brand unique put up, I will load the unique template I created that is designed for put up templates.

Yes, I obtained't gain the ideas that Elementor capable provides – such as dynamic titles, authors, and quite a bit others.

Nevertheless it absolutely permits me to originate a obedient-having a seek for template for my put up pages, that I approved need to modify a chunk of – it will need extra work than approved throw the whisper inner, but its better than stick to the theme template.

  1. Any downside of doing this?
  2. I once been suggested that increasing put up pages with Elementor is no longer valid in describe for you to swap the website online / and quite a bit others – this may be a nightmare to migrate your total postsIs there any downside to exhaust Elementor for weblog posts?
  3. If I created a « put up » template with Elementor capable – So the put up itself is most continuously saved in « Elementor« , no longer « Gutenberg » upright?So when I originate a template for posts I don't exhaust the theme / Gutenberg but I’m the utilization of Elementor to edit all my posts (which if what I was suggested in interrogate 2 is apt, would be an argument, no?)

Hope I was being understood.Possess a gigantic day!