Constructing a lead manufacture with Elementor

Hiya Guys,

I'm currently constructing a novel web hiss which I must utilize to generate leads. I must have a multi-step manufacture with per chance some conditional questions in it. I have Elementor Pro and I became as soon as searching to manufacture a manufacture however without warning met about a concerns.

Normally I must vogue the manufacture buttons as follows:

Example (without the cirkles)

And upon clicking, I need the manufacture to transfer to your next step (without clicking a next button, so the next button can even be hidden).

Now this needs to be imaginable however it completely would eradicate rather some css and javascript I sigh. I became as soon as wondering if Elementor sorts ceaselessly is the ultimate instrument for this? And if no longer, if anyone has right suggestions for a manufacture builder that matches this job greater?

Building a lead form with Elementor