I’m making a script to convert browser circulate/interplay into python code automatically

Hello mods delete if not relevant, I’m attempting to ogle if there would possibly be hobby within the form of program.

I’m working on a python script for automatically changing human browser circulate/interplay into a code intention.

The most primary idea is this. When this script is trek, you navigate to the browser you’d catch to make use of, and then to the win page it’s good to take a look at/automate, and work alongside with net capabilities as a frequent particular person would.

The script then creates python code to repeat the actions you neutral correct performed. It chooses the webdriver constant with the browser you worn, it sets the URL you navigated to, and it grabs all of the ingredient ids of the capabilities you interacted with and sets ingredient actions constant with the actions you performed. Input fields etc are left as prompts within the script.

You now own a script that can consume enter data and automate repetitive tasks for the given URL.

You then can take extra alternatives similar to undetectable mode, beat text captcha, beat “I’m not a robotic”, take headless mode etc.

I collect right here is equivalent to other instruments available but I’d catch to fragment a GitHub repo that others can use.

Is there hobby? Is it lifeless? Would you use it? Thanks