Predicament Search Results displayed on Page with limitless Scrolling (Python)

Hi there every person.

I am investing into some rare collectors watches, but I desire stride assemble as great recordsdata on this, as I will sooner than I create up my thoughts.

This is indubitably one of many most, internationally notorious auction houses. I am attracted to gathering prices for numerous producers of watches.

I in actuality hang don something contain this previously. Nonetheless, attend then I correct feeble BS4 and the salvage internet site used to be great extra fantastic. Sothebys uses limitless scrolling and without Javascript now not even a single hit is shown.

Shall we embrace:

This hast over 10.000 results (correct attempting for rolex).

Earlier than scrolling all the style down to the botton of the salvage page, ultimate about 15 hits are seen.

So I am wondering what would possibly be one of the best technique to dilemma those results?

I thought to be two alternate choices:

  1. Utilize a headless browser contain selenium and create it scroll down the total technique to the stay automatically. Nonetheless, I seize this would presumably well maybe clutch a whereas and I in actuality have not yet feeble selenium for something.
  2. Utilize the API in the attend of the salvage page. I in actuality have not yet feeble any api for webscranping, but I observed that, on scrolling down, original recordsdata gets loaded thru json from this URL: https://o28sy4q7wu-dsn.algolia.salvage/1/indexes/*/queries?x-algolia-agent=Algolia%20for%20JavaScript%20(3.33.0)%3B%20Browser%20(lite)%3B%20react%20(16.3.2)%3B%20react-instantsearch%20(5.7.0)%3B%20JS%20Helper%20(2.28.0)&x-algolia-application-id=O28SY4Q7WU&x-algolia-api-key=e732e65c70ebf8b51d4e2f922b536496%3B%20Browser%20(lite)%3B%20react%20(16.3.2)%3B%20react-instantsearch%20(5.7.0)%3B%20JS%20Helper%20(2.28.0)&x-algolia-application-id=O28SY4Q7WU&x-algolia-api-key=e732e65c70ebf8b51d4e2f922b536496). I in actuality hang saved the question of the use of firefox as HAR File and had a glimpse at it. Nonetheless, it turned out to be over 20.000 traces long and used to be very complicated to me. I used to be unable to discover something, that will presumably well maybe abet me, the use of the API straight.

So can somebody present me with a slightly as to what the most foremost solution would be in this case and the plot in which I could presumably well maybe use either the API or solve this the use of selenium?

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