Net Spider that Routinely Navigates News Net sites and Extracts Articles

Hi all! I'm a Python newbie with a background in journalism. My goal is to write a web scraper that will extract news article text from a pair of sources. I realize the basics of web scraping: circulation in a URL (i.e. the URL of a single newspaper article) to quandary and then extract the HTML aspects that have what I'm procuring for. To this point I've been working with Scrapy. What I don't realize yet is how to simplest automate this activity. Let's disclose I if truth be told possess a listing of online media that I are searching out for to extract articles from on a day-to-day foundation. What would I construct?

1) A single script that is able to automatically navigate any newspaper set and identify the relevant yell (headline + teaser text + physique text) by itself?

2) A script for every newspaper set that has the building of the positioning coded in?

Within the total tutorials I even possess viewed to this level, principal of the work goes into telling the scraper what HTML aspects have the relevant knowledge. I know that it's conceivable to automatically navigate varied web sites and extract the relevant yell but I'm unable to decide out how complex such a script may possibly be.