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Company name: Chook Feeder Emporium

Article title: Birds impaled on bird feeder pegs

Key point #1: incoming flying birds every so usually are impaled on pegs

Key point #2: build off stumbled on to be appealing peg ends

Key point #3: we’re researching how to murder pegs ends much less appealing

Output (unedited but cherry-picked from a pair of generations of identical enter):

At Chook Feeder Emporium, we’re constantly researching methods to give a comprise shut to our products and processes. Recently we've been working on a original substitute to our pegs. This original score ought to soundless reduction alleviate the mumble birds are having with the appealing cease of our bird feeders.

This solution has no longer been perfected yet, and we’re soundless within the job of checking out it. We are capable of certainly possess an replace to you after we possess had time to take a look at the original score. In the duration in-between, whereas you occur to journey any complications alongside with your feeder, please snarl us by emailing us at [email protected] and we can score aid to you as soon as we can.

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HelpHub: knowledge base site creator with GPT-3-powered article creation; free trial available