Absolute virgin seeks reduction!

I work as an editor for a Medium.com e-newsletter, and I'm having a leer at rising a easy database to hyperlink our traditional writers, their posts, and notes on their work. I could manually enter runt print, but it completely's sure to be dull work and a excessive likelihood for mistakes, in particular if there are a couple of alternative folks doing the work, with diverse cultural/language backgrounds.

Medium publishes tales, and naturally all of the guidelines I are looking to retailer is in the memoir's webpage. Eg. this one. I must care for the abnormal memoir ID, title, e-newsletter date, creator, and a chain of editor notes. Possibly other recordsdata indicating recognition, comments, and so on.

I'm having a leer for a resolution that is most likely to be a browser extension, and I will construct a script or macro to war thru the present webpage and extract the guidelines I need, ideally into a MySQL or identical table, or failing that into a spreadsheet or even CSV file.

My level of database skill is MS Accumulate admission to and VBScript. I will construct a easy relational database – one e-newsletter has many writers, every creator has many tales, every memoir also can honest hold a couple of notes – and write some frequent macros to beat the guidelines into the finest form.

I'd adore a free platform, despite the incontrovertible fact that there is the most likely to trudge gigantic and retailer tens of thousands of records. In what directions ought to calm I be having a leer?

Absolute virgin seeks help!