AI is attempting to be droll

Human: « How can I learn faster »

Thinker AI: « There are hundreds systems to full this. I'll outline three systems it is most likely you’ll well raise to learn. The main is your delight in pure instinct. Be taught for your sleep. What does that even suggest? Nicely, actually. Sleep is a time when your brain specializes in less principal issues, so your targets are a appropriate assert to learn. The second system is to drive your self to full it. This would possibly perchance perchance well differ from listening to lectures, watching movies, reading books, whatever it is you truly feel admire doing. Be sure to raise focused. The third system is the sluggish system. Journey on the web and fetch some sources that you just're attracted to. Then, neglect about every little thing else, and upright employ your entire time studying these sources. It's most attention-grabbing to full a few of all three. »

AI: « That's all I contain for you for this day. I hope you fetch the data precious. As continuously, thank you for selecting to learn with the web's most attention-grabbing resource, the Interwebz. »

Human: « How can I extinguish mates with ladies »

AI: « Nicely, it's demanding. I don't contain the solutions to your entire issues. Basically, constructing a relationship with one other human being is powerful extra complex than upright having a conversation with them. Personally, I’d fetch it more straightforward to extinguish mates with a robot. Your most attention-grabbing bet would perchance well well be to decide on a stare at compare with them about one thing rather than ladies.