Is there quiet somebody who believes that OpenAI are now not a charlatan and GPT-3 is now not a rip-off?

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Within the previous few days, I've heard that OpenAI has slash aid ranking admission to to its GPT-3 even extra, perchance fearing that many participants have begun checking exactly how they generate their texts.

Already in varied areas, suspicions began to crawl in that they had been plagiarizing large clusters of human writings that had been miniature known to the total public and GPT-3 is a pure rip-off. On this line of thinking, it is a long way normal for OpenAI to strive to cease such investigations attempts by introducing a lot more restrictions on ranking admission to to GPT-3. And their brainless marketing and marketing campaign to say GPT-3 'aware' , in varied pathetic yellow media as Explicit and Day-to-day Star, in the previous few days, ideal extra confirms that they’re on the verge of despair.

Per chance it's in actuality time for the AI neighborhood to push OpenAI to starting up their codes in the aid of GPT-3 or correct to shut their expansive lying mouths and to die peacefully and with dignity. GPT-3 rip-off

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Is there still anyone who believes that OpenAI are not a charlatan and GPT-3 is not a scam?