Webscraping automobile Insurance Prices

Hi there every person! Initially, I'm a total newbie to web scraping. My thought used to be to salvage the least costly insurance coverage costs for quite loads of automobiles. So my First step used to be is to salvage a list of the HSN/TSN numbers of every automobile I are desirous to examine. I did this with « Parsehub ». This worked out fairly mighty and I got this CSV file. Subsequent, I attempted to position these numbers in on this Web predicament, but this predicament used to be fully no longer like minded with Parsehub… Every time I open the predicament is has a special Layout, and some of the steps, which I appreciate to preserve are no longer selectable… Enact you guys appreciate a greater technique to salvage on the insurance coverage costs? As I said sorry if this is fully boring stuff but I'm in actual fact in this stuff.

Webscraping car Insurance Prices