Supply chain / IT classes on UDEMY


I am currently studying every IS and Supply Chain

I'd desire to know what form of things I would possibly maybe well per chance be taught that would possibly maybe well abet my occupation, stuff that I will obtain a head originate up on because I may be on holiday for over 2 months rapidly – so I’d desire to utilize this time to use some online classes. What would you guys indicate? What form of stuff procure you guys typically utilize, or what of form of things I will be taught that would possibly maybe well give me an help over others!

To this level I if truth be told occupy regarded as these

– A Python programming bootcamp route

– An Excel traditional to knowledgeable route ( + VBA)

– An intro to SAP route

– SQL linked or database linked

Would you guys indicate me exhaust my time every other set up and if that is the case what would you indicate