Scraping Product Designate through home depot

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import scrapy
import pandas as pd
from ..objects import HomedepotpricespiderItem
from scrapy.http import Ask

class HomedepotspiderSpider(scrapy.Spider):
    name = 'homeDepotSpider'
    allowed_domains = ['']

    #pathName = '/Users/mirhossain/Desktop/homeDepotv2Helpers/homeDepotInfo.csv'
    #export = pd.read_csv(pathName, skiprows = [0], header = None)
        #pathName: Receive the loyal direction for the file
        #skiprows: The principle row is occupied for the title, we dont need that
    #omsList = export.values.T[1].tolist() #Transpose the matrix + win 2d direction

    start_urls = ['']#.format(omsID = omsID)
        #for omsID in omsList]

    def parse(self, response):

    #name home depot feature
        for merchandise in self.parseHomeDepot(response):
            yield merchandise


    def parseHomeDepot(self, response):

        #win high stage merchandise
        objects = response.css('#zone-a-product')
        for product in objects:
            merchandise = HomedepotpricespiderItem()

    #win SKU
            productSKU = product.css('.product-info-bar__detail:nth-child(2)::textual express material').getall()[1]

    #win model
            productName = product.css('.product-details__title::textual express material').getall()

            productOMS = response.url.split("/")[-1] #Right here is to variety definite every product aloof has an OMS ID

    #win the associated price
            productPrice = product.css('.worth-format__large worth-format__main-worth::textual express material').getall()

    #GET url
            #productURL = response.url

            merchandise['productOMS'] = productOMS
            merchandise['productSKU'] = productSKU
            merchandise['productName'] = productName
            merchandise['productPrice'] = productPrice
            #merchandise['productURL'] = productURL

            yield merchandise

So I'm constructing a webscraper the employ of scrapy for home depot and I'm having some issues grabbing product worth. The overall replacement fields that I'm grabbing watch gentle so I change into once hoping I could perchance also win some aid with getting the loyal selector. right here's the code block for the associated price

Scraping Product Price through home depot