Relief needed for responsive textual convey columns, please.

Hello All,

I am striking collectively a page that reveals credit ranking for projects labored on. It''s an effortless three-column structure of:Variety Of Work / Mission Name / Consumer

I went into this pondering this would maybe maybe possibly be the finest thing to raise out as it's moral columns but of course, because the camouflage camouflage resizes, the traces in every column exit of synch so it's very no longer going to line them up.

I've connected a screenshot of the Google doc the attach I unexcited the guidelines and I actually moral need it to hunt love this all the plot thru all screens (after I've resized the columns and textual convey all the plot thru mobile and iPad and so forth).

Is there a table widget or something love that, possibly love Excel, that keeps every line relative to those it has to be? There has to be something in actuality glaring that I'm missing right here, can anyone please reduction!

Thanks loads!