Pull precise piece of a put up on the house-online page

Hiya all,

I in actuality have a snappy demand.

I'm building a arena the verbalize of Elementor and I want some suggestions.

In each put up now we have the particular put up adopted by ideas of other same articles. As we manually exhaust out the ideas, and we add a runt text describing the relevance, we are no longer the verbalize of a proceed in for this and the ideas are, actually, piece of the put up's reveal material.

On the house online page, now we have cards with the posts collectively with photographs and excerpts (no longer the predominant sentence however a manually chosen quote).

And here is the put it will get tricky. We desire the latest put up to be shown fully and most tantalizing the relaxation to be in a columns and cards layout. BUT, we desire the latest put up to total after the close of the article and no longer to consist of the ideas that educate it.

Any suggestions on easy the righteous blueprint to implement this?