I cannot edit headers and footers from « Elementor-Header and Footer blocks » however simplest when they’re printed live.

Hi there,
Recently I migrated my attach to a live server and ever since then I'm unable to edit the headers and footers of the attach – created by the plugin « Header and Footer blocks » by Brainstorm force – however simplest when these headers and footers were printed live, i.e. within the event that they are simplest in draft mode I will edit them appropriate honorable.

When I strive to edit a header or a footer I rep the never-ending grey Elementor loading veil. When I launch the browser dev console I'm getting that exception: https://paste.ofcode.org/KpEU5azv8vFrFKx7AxAfem

I've already tried disabling all plugins and it appears to have done one thing.

Btw it's critical that I will edit the regular pages appropriate honorable whether draft or live