Crawlera & Selenium Relief

Hi there! I were battling this all day. I am in search of to make utilize of selenium to get some scraping executed. the entire lot works in the community but I’ll decide to upload it to GCP at some level so I decide crawlera to work.

I installed crawlera-headless-proxy and am firing it up the usage of the expose line. it looks to work as opposed to the certificate does no longer work. I am getting the next errror:

cennot attain TLS handshake: a ways away error: tls: unknown certificate

I decide to strive and bypass the verification in state that this might maybe well work with out the certificate but when I bustle this it doesnt appear to assemble one thing else:

crawlera-headless-proxy -a {API} -v

Any concept easy guidelines on how to circumvent the verification?